Monday, August 17, 2009

Blocks 2 &3 from Kathy Shaw's stitches

Here are 2 more blocks I have done from Kathy Shaw's TDSiTM. Thank you Kathy they are great.


  1. Well aren't you on top of things. I believe it must be I love the piecing part best! You are an inspiration. I better get busy with the needle. :)

  2. Wow Jeanne! I am so impressed! I love Kathy's stitches and her templates, but am dense enough that I couldn't figure out with a hole punch how to get the holes on exactly the right spot since i couldn't see where the punch part was exactly going! I tried doing it with a nail but that created sharp edges...not destined to be.
    But your stitching is beautiful and I love love the red block!

  3. Great job Jeanne! You are doing so well!