Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here is one of my race horses "YouBetterBelieveIt"

He is doing really great for us. This one is a pacer. I will get a good picture of our trotter soon and post it. She has an even better record than he does.



  1. DH and I love the trotting races. My late uncle, Frank Johnson, traveled all over the USA with his trotters ~ Miss Vickie was his big winner! When he passed away, the trophy was given to me because they knew I appreciated all the hard work and loved horses. I had cutting horses, quarter horses, and my 'star' was Oolah Moolah (out of Moolah Bardell and race horse up in Canada who was well known at the time). I thought the name was apt because those 'horsies' can drive you to the poor house, if you aren't careful. LOL Enjoy your blog…bj

  2. Beautiful animals, and child. Brings back memories of when I had a pacer racing at St Louis, MO. May you break more records!!

    Peggy in FL